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The All-In-One AI Platform for Digital Content
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Effortless Script Generation

Writing scripts for your content is hard.  Epicly makes it easy.

Ditch the AI prompts and seeds. Choose your look, tone and feel in just a few clicks.

Built with the Content Creator in Mind.

Epicly features an easy-to-use interface that allows content creators to quickly generate and edit scripts in order to ship content at unparalleled speeds.
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Intuitive AI Scriptwriting

Whether you have an idea for social media content or a digital ad, Epicly.ai eliminates the back-and-forth that is typical with AI writing applications.
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Access Breeds Innovation

Epicly features a guided step-by-step process that tailors the experience based on skill level.
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Epicly.ai exports to pdf, google docs, and docx

Flexible Exports

Export your script to .docx, .pdf, or send to Google Docs.

Drag-And-Drop Script Editing

The flexible script editor allows you to rearrange your shots that eliminates the need for rewriting.
Epicly.ai drag and drop script editor

Voiceover Bliss

Crystal Clear Audio

Epicly feeds your script directly into a production-ready 44.1Khz / 192kbps audio file, allowing for a streamlined process.
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Realistic Tone & Inflection

Choose from 12 built-in voices and provide pronunciation notes that ensures accuracy.
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Life on Easy Mode

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Guided Step-By-Step Process

Minimize your clicks and tab-switching. Epicly caters to the creator and takes you through the process.
Organize by Projects
1 or 2-Column Scriptwriting
Selection of 12 Realistic AI Voices
Flexible Exports

Move seamlessly from script to voiceovers

Transition your written text into a high-quality AI-Generated voiceover all with the click of a button.

Epicly's script analysis saves time by doing the legwork for you.
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Generative AI Script to Voiceover

Save money on subscriptions

Epicly.ai will be the one-stop-shop for AI Content Creation tools.

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Fast Results. Faster Content.

Create Digital Content on Steroids.

With our simple, guided process, this turnkey toolset will allow you to ideate faster and ship video content at unparalleled speeds.

Generate and Edit your scripts faster than it would take to set up a template.
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Generate content scripts using AI (up to 2 minutes)
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Drag and Drop Scene Functionality
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AI Voiceovers, (Stock Music & SFX Coming Soon)
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Voiceover Timing Calculator
pdf icon
Quick Export to PDF, DOCX, and TXT
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Send to Google Docs

Simplify your Workflow with Epicly.ai.

Whether you are making a faceless YouTube channel or creating an ad, Epicly can adapt to different narrative styles, timing, tone, and more.